Multi Instance Install

How do I install crowsnest if I use Multi Instance?

If you are not using Multi Instance, skip that part and continue with Configuration

Crowsnest was not designed with Multi Instance support in mind and never will. Maybe one day through KIAUH.

But, to support that kinda, you could use make config

Using make config, how?

cd ~/crowsnest
make config

This launches a Wizard that let you set up your paths according to your Multi Instance Setup.shel

Crowsnest Install Configurator

Choose a path as a Master path. This path will be the Instance where files are located, needed by Crowsnest, such as crowsnest.conf, crowsnest.env and crowsnest.log .

After successful generation of a configuration file (tools/.config) for the Installer please run

sudo make install

Follow the instructions which the Installer presents to you.

Don't forget to reboot after installation!

In Mainsail this Instance is used to set up crowsnest and control the service via moonraker.

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