Additional options

For information about additional options, please execute the following commands.

cd ~/crowsnest
make help

Clean configuration file

make clean

Rebuild binarys needed by crownest

make buildclean && make build

Generate a Debug Report

make report

The file will be found in your home directory, called report.txt

Additional Tools / Scripts

What is tools/ ?

This is a neat little script to help me (KwadFan) to debug my development. But it can be abused to debug your,possible not running or running, Crowsnest install. Feel free to play around with it. You can't destroy anything.

Because this file might change it's optional parameters, it might be a good choice, to run with as shown below:

tools/ -h

As a preview, what is possible at the time this guide is written:

crowsnest - [Options]

		-h	Prints this help.
		-V	Shows Version of
		-a	Shows all available informations gathered
		-c	Shows informations about cameras
		-o	Shows informations about used OS
		-s	Shows informations about host system
		-x	Performs tests to ensure successful install of crowsnest
		-d	Decolorize file (if output is redirected to file)

This should explain itself, right? 😉

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