Use legacy branch on Buster

Crowsnest v4 is not able to run on Debian Buster based systems. Debian Buster is "out of life" already and there are missing dependencies, but you can run the v3 legacy version on it without issues.

Step 1: Switch to legacy/v3 branch

Login your Host via SSH and use these commands to switch to legacy/v3 branch:

cd ~/crowsnest
git fetch
git checkout legacy/v3

sudo systemctl restart crowsnest

Step 2: Update moonraker.conf

You have to inform moonraker, that you want to use this branch. Open your moonraker.conf via Mainsail and update your update_manager section of Crowsnest to this:

[update_manager crowsnest]
type: git_repo
path: ~/crowsnest
primary_branch: legacy/v3
install_script: tools/

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