Backends from Crowsnest

Crowsnest is just a webcam streamer wrapper and uses different backends in the background. These will be explained here, and how to use them.

µStreamer - pikvm

µStreamer is a lightweight and very quick server to stream MJPEG video from any V4L2 devices from PiKVM and maintained by Maxim Devaev.

This Backend is active, when you use mode: ustreamer (legacy mode: mjpg) in your crowsnest.conf.

camera-streamer - ayufan

camera-streamer is primarily focused on supporting a fully hardware-accelerated streaming of MJPEG streams and H264 video streams for minimal latency and maintained by Kamil Trzciński.

This Backend will be used, when you use mode: camera-streamer in your crowsnest.conf.

This backend is only available on Raspberry Pi SBCs right now. Ayufan is currently working on supporting more SBCs.

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